Honto Builds the Largest LPG Spherical Tank
Addtime:2014-06-03  Source:CIMC ENRIC HOLDING LIMITED Hits:9298

Recently, the 5000m3 LPG spherical tank of CIMC ENRIC Honto has almost been built at the construction site of a fine chemical engineering company in Puyang, Henan. 

CIMC ENRIC Honto built two 5000m3 LPG spherical tanks with Q370R, each weighing 625 tons, with spherical shell wall thickness δ= 50mm. It is by far the largest-volume spherical product built by CIMC ENRIC Honto, laying the foundation for the construction of 10000m3 or above spherical tank in the future. Throughout the project from the initiation to completion, CIMC performed lean management and laid down detailed requirements for all processes from sales, design, technology, quality, purchase, manufacturing, on-site installation, bidding document preparation, drawing design and material preparation till construction schedule after winning the bid, to ensure the quality, safety and timely completion of the project.

The completion of this project represents the engineering business achievement of CIMC ENRIC, enhances the ability of Engineering Department in project management and shows the company’s capability to grow spheric tank business.