Honto brand spherical tanks of CIMC ENRIC won praise
Addtime:2015-10-22  Source:CIMC ENRIC HOLDING LIMITED Hits:6033

Recently, the four “Hontu” liquid ammonia spherical tanks produced by CIMC ENRIC for the owner in Dongxiano County of Jiangxi Province have been awarded the title of “quality project” by the Nanchang Special Equipment Testing Institution. SOE also received a silk banner from the customer with the words “excellent technologies, high sense of responsibility”, which represents that Honto’s products and service have been recognized by our customer.

The purchase agreement on liquid ammonia spherical tanks was signed earlier this year. Our customer in Dongxiang County has never seen such large spherical tanks before, so the local government took it as a county-level key project and gave great priority to the project. In April, SOE sent its project team to the construction site. Having worked hard for over 150 days, the team completed the project ahead of time and met the customer’s quality and quantity requirement. The project team also won much praise due to their excellent technologies and heartfelt service.