World's First CNG Transport Ship Successfully Launched
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On January 25, the world's first CNG transport ship, Jayanti Baruna, was successfully launched by Jiangsu Hantong Ship Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., marking the substantial progress from the conceptualization stage to the commercialization stage.

The Project is mainly undertaken by Shijiazhuang Enric Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. (SEGE) for the transportation of natural gas for peak regulation of power plant between islands in a country in Southeast Asia. Its transport capacity is designed as 700,000m³ CNG.

At present, CIMC ENRIC is the only enterprise successfully implementing the land-ocean-railway transportation in the world. The operation of Jayanti Baruna has created a new pattern for the ocean transport of natural gas. Now LNG transport is no longer the only way of marine transportation. And the new design might change the global pattern of ocean transport of natural gas in the future.

In May 2014, with its world’s leading manufacturing capacity of natural gas storing and shipping equipment, SEGE successfully secured the order for the global first CNG transport ship, mainly including the “CNG storing device for primary filling station”, “CNG transport ship” and “gas storing & unloading device for secondary filling station”.

The Project commenced in January 2015. In the following year, SEGE cooperated with the Owner, shipyard, classification society and partners to guarantee the successful installation and commissioning of the CNG storing device for primary filling station and the scheduled launching.