Securities Times:First PublishCIMC ENRIC To Build Two World-class Beer Manufacturing Base In China
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Abstract: After the past few years of  exponential growth, global beer industry is now moving into stable production stage along with a slight drop in the last two years. Beer industry is targeting high-end consumers and shifting to emerging markets.


The two beer production bases in Baoding (Hebei) and Jishui (Jiangxi) of one global top beer manufacturer were completed and went into operation. The reporter learned that the turnkey brewery project of these two world-class beer production bases was undertaken by two overseas enterprises acquired by CIMC ENRIC (03899.HK) of CIMC Group (000039).


The two projects entailed investments of 2 billion yuan and 1.6 billion yuan respectively. They will together yield 1 million metric tons of beer and 2 billion yuan in sales annually upon full completion by Ziemann Holvrieka Asia Co Ltd.

Ziemann and Holvrieka are two brands of liquid food equipment industry which have been acquired by CIMC ENRIC from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark in 2012 and 2009, respectively.


Ziemann and Holvrieka so far have delivered more than 120 brewing EPC projects in 33 countries and regions, including Mongolia, Singapore and Papua New Guinea. They have seven research and development centers in Asia and Europe and plan to build more marketing networks in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.


"The most obvious opportunity is the modernization of beverage and food supply chains. That is a big area and there are lots of investments going on there," said Lars Roed, general manager of Ziemann Holvrieka Asia.


Roed said the demand for beer, milk, yogurt, juice and soft drinks will also offer new growth points for equipment and ingredient businesses.


"We have seen lots of potential in this sector, not only in China, but in many dynamic emerging economies," he said.


In addition to overseas market expansion, CIMC ENRIC is also working with its key customers in various countries to deliver innovation in areas such as key equipment and turnkey engineering services for distillation, pharmaceuticals, yeast and biofuels.