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Great Passion for Career Mingled with Joy and Sorrow
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In 2010, I (Wang Xin) took charge of Inner Mongolian market for CIMC ENRIC (Langfang) and then I got in touch with Inner Mongolia West Gas Holdings Co., Ltd. The company operates as a provider of gas and CNG filling service for nearly 50 banners and counties in 6 cities in the eastern Inner Mongolia. After negotiation for several times, our company signed a CNG Substation Purchase and Sales Contract with Inner Mongolia West Gas Holdings Company on January 3, 2011. The Spring Festival 2011 was just around the corner, but the equipment installation had to be conducted without delay. Tickets were in short supply at that time, so our technical engineer could not provide an on-site instruction. As I was making a market survey for the coming year in Inner Mongolia and had some experience in gas station installation, I went to the project site and instructed the know-how..

In order to complete the installation as scheduled, I gave detailed instructions about the installations of process pipeline and electric instrument and commissioning of the whole equipment. One week later, the installation was completed on time, but it was the 29th day of the 12th lunar month of 2011, too late to buy a train ticket for the family reunion. In the end, I had to fly to Beijing and took a bus bound for Hengshui. Fortunately, I arrived home on the noon of the eve of the Spring Festival.

Still, I remembered clearly that tears welled up in my eyes when I had lunch with my family on that day. As everything crossed my mind, I “cried” for setbacks, joys and gratitude I had for the past year. It was a fruitful year for me and will greatly motivate me to move forward the next year.