Service story
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On March 1, 2011, a phone call came to the After-sales Service Dept. of CIMC ENRIC (Langfang) that the equipment of PetroChina (Luohe) malfunctioned and the help was needed. The After-sales Service personnel instructed how to make repairs over the phone, but the misoperation ensued due to the field operator’s insufficient knowledge of the equipment led to a serious oil eruption and a chaos on the site, leaving everyone at a loss.

After being informed of the urgent thing, the After-sales Service Dept. of CIMC ENRIC (Langfang) took action immediately, sending the service person Li Changshun to the site overnight. After 15-16 hours of travel, he arrived at the site before 4 pm the next day, solved the problem with his excellent skills, made a comprehensive inspection of the substation and gave an all-round training to the field operators. His good job made the equipment return to normal operation. The customer was deeply impressed by this repair work, praising the after-sales service personnel of “quick action, technical competence, strong sense of responsibility”.